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March 13 2018 Production Release

**New feature:** **Pre-chat form fields -** You can now collect more information from your website visitors in the pre-chat form. You will now have a provision to add additional fields to your live chat and offline forms in your HappyFox Chat account. This provision is available in mighty and above plans. [Click …

HappyFox Chat - Collecting Data Processing Consent from Visitors

**Collecting Data Processing Consent from your customers in the pre-chat form and offline form. **Login as administrator, and toggle on the "Data Processing consent". go to Manage >> Pre-chat Form >> Data Processing Consent. ![][1] To customize the text hover over the "Data Processing Consent" field and you will …

How to collect visitor details on pre-chat form?

To collect your visitors' name, email and contact number before starting a chat, enable the pre-chat form option in your HappyFox Chat account. > Only Admin role enabled agents will have access to this setting #### **Steps to enable pre-chat form and details to be collected:** **Step 1:** Log in to your HappyFox Ch…

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