How to collect visitor details on pre-chat form?

To collect your visitors' name, email and contact number before starting a chat, enable the pre-chat form option in your HappyFox Chat account.

Only Admin role enabled agents will have access to this setting

Steps to enable pre-chat form and details to be collected:

Step 1: Login to your HappyFox Chat account. (New to HappyFox Chat? SignUp)

Step 2: Go to Manage page and click on Pre-chat form tab on left panel.

Step 3: Turn ON "Show Pre-chat form" option. (This option will be enabled by default)

Step 4: Now turn on "Your name, email and phone number" options. Apart from these you can add more custom fields based on your preference. For more details refer this article - custom pre-chat fields.

Step 5:  Click "Save" button to save the pre-chat form settings.

To make any of the fields mandatory hover over the field and you will see an edit icon.

Preview of HappyFox Chat widget before chat starts

Note: The chat window will automatically identify your customer's location and display the corresponding country's flag in the phone number field.

Option for visitors to edit their details after chat starts:

Option for agents to edit/add visitor details:

Incase if the customer entered invalid details before starting a chat and you want to request valid details. Click the edit icon.

Enter the corresponding details and click "Save".

Where will I view customer details?

1. Name, email id and number information will be shown on the Agent's chat window apart from location, browsing path and integration details. 

2. Customer details on the chat transcript (Under History section)

3. On the Chat transcript sent to your email id.

Steps to enable Phone number field on Offline form:

1. Go to Manage page >> Click Appearance tab on the sidebar.
2. Enable "Ask phone number from the visitor in offline form" setting and Click "Save"

HappyFox Chat offline form with Phone number field:

Phone number information on the Offline message (Under History section)

How to get visitor details, if Pre-chat form is off or if it is a proactive or a triggered chat?

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