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Transfer Chat

The transfer chat feature allows you to transfer an ongoing chat to another available agent/department where at least one agent is available.

Ways to transfer a chat to an agent or a department:

1. a) Click upward arrow present in the chat window >> select "!Commands".

1. b) Choose !transferChat from the list and it will list of available agents and departments where at least one agent is available.

1.c) Choose the agent/department to transfer the chat.

2. You can press '!' key in the Keyboard and select/type in 'transferChat'. Choose the agent/department from the list to transfer the chat.

3. Simply type '@' Key in the keyboard and select the agents/departments from the list to whom you want to transfer the chat.


What happens after the chat is transferred?

1. After chat is transfered to agent, the other agent will get a chat notification with sound. The other agent can either choose to Accept/Decline the chat.

2. Similarly when the chat is transferred to the other department, the chat notification will be broadcasted to all the agents available in the transferred department.

3. Once the chat is transferred to the other agent/department, you will no longer be able to chat with the visitor/customer or view the chat. If you are an admin you can monitor the chat. 

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