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Triggered Chats
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Triggered chats feature enables you to send automated messages to your website visitors based on preconditions. This feature enabled by default and you can customize the automated message.

Only Admin of the account can manage Triggered Chats.

Triggered chats works only when agents are available to chat.

This feature is available across all the plans.


You can trigger the automated messages for any/all of the conditions,


  • when a visitor stays on the site for 'n' number of seconds
  • when a visitor is on a specific URL
  • when a visitor is a first time/repeat visitor
  • when a visitor is from a specific country/state/city
  • when a visitor matches certain conditions of Custom fields


How to create/set up Triggered Chats?

1. Login to your HappyFox Chat account.

2. Click on Triggered Chats from the main menu.

3. Click on '+ Add' Button to add a new triggered chat.

Note: You can create Triggered Chats for each profile, if you have set up multiple widget profiles just by clicking the drop-down menu.

4. Set a Trigger name >> Choose the preferred conditions to be met for the triggered chat to pop up on your website >> Click Next.


a. You can also set the triggered chat based on the geolocation of your visitor using the city/state/country condition. Though its case insensitive, ensure to enter the proper name of the city (with proper spacing) for it to work.

b. Also, you can set the custom fields under the condition if you've set Custom fields for your account.

4. Type in a custom message that you want to show on the popup.

5. Choose the Department to which these chat should be routed when a visitor replies to a triggered chat.

6. If you prefer to show the automated trigger popup without sound, you have the option to mute the sound notification.

7. Once you are done with all settings, click "Save Trigger"

Preview of the triggered chat with a custom message

If the preconditions are met, the triggered chat will pop up with a sound notification on your website to the customer.

Triggered Chat functionality is compatible with your mobile site too.


When a visitor replies to a triggered chat,

> all agents will receive the incoming chat notifications by default. You can route replies to the triggered chats to a specific department/agent.

> you will not have their details like Name, email and/or phone. You can get/request customer details during an ongoing chat. Details - here.


For signed-in customers, you can preset their name and email id. Details - link


How to delete/disable triggered chat?

1. Click the delete icon

2. To disable the triggered chat set up, click on the triggered chat tile and toggle of the 'Active' option. Click 'Next' and 'Save Trigger'.

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