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HappyFox Chat Commands
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You can use the below commands in the chat text area inside HappyFox Chat to perform different actions during an ongoing chat.


List of default Agent Commands:


You can directly type in the command, or type ! or go to the commands section using drop up menu to access the commands.



Integration Commands:


Article links to the commands:


!refreshVisitorData - You can use this command to view any updated customer's info in the chat meta area which right above the chat window. Let's say your customer's info is added as contact is added on the CRM manually while they are on chat with your on HappyFox Chat, for customer details to reflect inside the chat meta area you can use this command.


!transferChat -


!addTag -


!attachFile -


!createMeeting ( -


!createLead and !createContact (CRM integrations):


Salesforce -

Pipedrive -

HubSpot CRM -

Insightly CRM -

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