HappyFox Chat Commands

You can use commands in HappyFox Chat to perform different actions during an ongoing chat.

Commands should be typed in the chat text area,
List of Agent Commands:

  •  !transferChat
  •  !addTag
  •  !refreshVisitorData
  •  !attachFile 
  •  !showPastChats
  •  !createLead
  •  !createContact


You can transfer a chat to other agents or departments. After entering the command in the chat area, you will have a provision to choose an agent or a department from the list. The other agent will be notified of the transfer chat notification.


You can add tags to your chat conversation. You can use tags to label conversations with specific keywords. The added tags will be displayed inside the chat transcripts and can be configured to be linked to your CRM or HelpDesk apps.

Example: !addtag → Type in the tag name "sales" → hit "Enter" Key. (If the chat conversation is related to Sales dept)

You can even add multiple tags per !addTag command.


You can use this command to view the visitor details that are displayed in the chat meta area.
For example: If your visitor is from an e-commerce site, your cart and order details will be auto-synced in a few seconds but if you want to view the cart or order details immediately, you can use this command in the chat text area.


You can send files to your visitors by using this option. Once you type !attachFile and enter, your chat box will provide an option for you to either drag and drop the files. You can also manually click/open and send the desired files.


You can view the past chat conversations by typing this command in the chat area. 
Note: This option will be enabled only if the visitor has had past chats and has an email id.

!createLead and !createContact

If you have integrated Salesforce CRM with your HappyFox Chat account, you can use these commands to create leads or contacts in Salesforce CRM during an ongoing chat. 

Please refer below snapshot to understand Commands usage in the chat area,

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  • 29-Nov-2016