How to enable integration

By integrating with HappyFox Chat you can create meeting invite with a single command and support your customer via screen-sharing session in minutes.
Note : This app integration is available in Mighty and above plans.

Steps to integrate:

1. Login to you HappyFox Chat account

2. Go to Apps > Remote Support > choose

3. Click Install > Click Connect button.

4. If you are logged in to your account the connection will be established successfully.

If not, the system will prompt you to login account. Click "accept" to authorise the app.

How to create the meeting and send the invite to the end user? 

Enter the command "!createMeeting (" in the chat area.

The system will create a meeting the and a notification will be shown for the same.

After the creating the meeting, the details will be sent to the customer.

If the chat is active through this meeting, all meeting-related details will be recorded in the chat as well as in the chat transcript.

Note: Only when the visitor joins the meeting, the app will consider that the meeting has started.

The meeting details will also be shown on the History > Chat Transcript.

Note : If chat ends before the meeting ends, the meeting details will not be captured/displayed on the chat window or the transcript.