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January 18 2017 Production Release

**Security enhancements:** 1. New Password rules: * Minimum password length is 8 characters. * Requires at least one special character or number. 2. Whenever your password is changed , an email will be sent to your login email address. 3. Captcha will be shown on the login page after 2 invalid login attempts.…

December 02 2018 Production Release

**New**: We have released a new version of Desktop apps for both mac and Windows. We have resolved issues and made a few performance tweaks to the Desktop apps. You can uninstall the previous version of the app and install the latest version - v. 2.0.5 from from the goodies section in your HappyFox Chat account. …

July 06 2017 Production Release

**Bug fix:** Fixed an issue where the users were not able to upgrade from trial to paid plan in the billing interface of HappyFox Chat. **Others:** HappyFox Chat - Desktop app ver2.04 released for both Mac and Windows OS. To download - [Click here][1] [1]:

May 24 2018 Production Release

**Enhancements:** **Triggered chat** - You will now be able to set a few more conditions for triggered chat to pop up in your website. Additional conditions that can be set are , - Based on Country - Based on City - Based on State - Based on the custom fields. **Bugfix: **Fixed an issue where at times…

December 07 2017 Production Release

**Announcements: ** You can now refer HappyFox Chat to people and earn! Login to your HappyFox Chat account and click on "Refer and earn"** Enhancements:** 1. You can now chose to hide the widget on your webpage when all of your support agents are in their maximum chat limits and busy. You can toggle ON - "Hide…

May 10 2017 Production release

**Enhancement:** Billing Invoices will now have address & VAT number of the account holder. **Bug fixes:** Fixed an issue where the app was taking more than 20 seconds to display the mailchimp information in the agent's chat widget meta area.

July 21 2017 Production Release

**Bug Fix:** 1. Fixed an issue where the agent's interface was not tracking the visitor page/search history when the page's source code had the same open graph url in all its pages. 2. Fixed issues in Facebook messenger and HappyFox Chat integration where at times the facebook messages were not coming into the Happ…

December 8 2016 Production Release

**Bug Fix:** Fixed a UI issue in chrome browser where the Department picker dropdown in the HappyFox Chat widget was not displayed properly when the text color setting was changed under Manage->Appearance settings.

December 21 2016 Production Release

**Bug Fix:** Fixed a sporadic issue where at times the agents using HappyFox Chat's Android or iOS apps were automatically logged out from the app. There is absolutely no action required from your side, as in you do not have to update your app if you are already using the latest versions. (Android v1.2 and iOS v1.7…

May 12 2017 Production release

**Enhancement and Bug fixes:** 1. The leaderboard section in reports page will not display the agent that is deactivated and has no chat count. 2. The deactivated agent tiles will be displayed in the bottom part of the page(After active agent tiles) in the Agents page. To view reports click here - [https://happyfo…

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