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October 28 2018 Production Release
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Bug fixes:
1. Triggered chat - Fixed an issue where the conditions in triggered chat were not retained on the screen when you create and save a triggered chat.
2. Billing - Fixed an issue where the admin was unable to add an additional agent even after increasing the agent limit count under the billing section.
3. UI- Fixed an issue where the agent chat window had disappeared on page refresh.
4. JS-SDK -Unset visitor details - Fixed an issue where the department details were not unset unless the page is manually refreshed.

Usability/UI improvements:
1. The font text size of the contents inside the agent chat window has been increased for better readability.
2. Improvements on the spacing and alignment between agent and Visitor chat messages on the Visitor widget.
3. Clicking on a link on the visitor widget during a chat will no longer open a browser-permission pop up in Firefox and IE browsers.

1. Chat and HappyFox Helpdesk integration - Phone number that is provided during chat/ on the offline message will be automatically set as the contact's phone number on the HappyFox Helpdesk ticket.
2. UI and Performance improvements on the visitor widget.

1. You can now request for an Android or iOS license by contacting  -
Android SDK -
2. Push notification support for iOS and Android SDK. This feature will not work unless customers upgrade the SDK. Upgraded SDK version will be out this week after a round of acceptance testing. 

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