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HappyFox Chat widget events
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You can record chat related events of HappyFox Chat widget with following integrations:

List of events that can be tracked:

1. Chat badge clicked: When any visitor clicks on your chat button.

2. Chat started: When any visitor sends his first message to start a new conversation
3. Chat ended: When either visitor or agent ends the chat by manually click on "End chat" either on visitor side or agent side.

Note: If the visitor closes his tab without Ending the chat from his side or without waiting for the agent to end the chat completely, this event will not be fired.

4. Agent joined a chat: After visitor starts the conversation (chat started) and when an agent joins this visitor, this event is sent.
5. Triggered chat activated: If there is a visitor on your website who is not interacting with your badge in any way, and when any of your Triggered Chat conditions gets satisfied, chat badge shows a message like "How can we help you?" to that visitor. When such a message is shown to a visitor, this event is fired.
6. Offline message sent: If all of your agents are busy or unavailable during the time when a visitor loads your page, we normally show an offline message form. When visitor types and sends a message at that time, this event is fired.

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