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Enable integration with Segment

By integrating Segment with HappyFox Chat, you can track chat widget events like Chat badge clicked (by the visitor), Agent joined the Chat, Chat started, Chat ended, Offline Message sent and Triggered Chat activated.

This integration is available in all the plans.

Only Admin has the access to integrate Segment with HappyFox Chat.

Prerequisite for the Integration:

Get Analytics.js code-

1. Log in to your Segment account.
2. Click Add source.

4. Choose source platform


5. Click Connect

6. Click on view details on the tile to fetch and install the Analytics.js code.

7. Copy the Write Key from this page (Save it to clipboard) → Click Follow the JavaScript guide link.

8. Copy the snippet (Analytics.js). Enter write key by replacing "You_Write_Key" in the code.

9. Paste the code above </body> tag on the website’s source code.

Steps for Segment-HappyFox Chat integration:

Step 1: Log in to your HappyFox Chat account.

Step 2: Go to Apps Segment.

Step 3: Click TRY FOR 7 DAYS/INSTALL button. This integration is available on all paid plans.

Step 4: Click Enable. You are all set!

All being set, now Segment code will detect HappyFox Chat code automatically and logs chat related events to it.

Go to Debugger and the following screens are displayed when the integration is successful.

Get started now and view the live stats events tracked by enabling Segment integration with HappyFox Chat account

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