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Enable integration with Google Analytics
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By integrating Google Analytics with HappyFox Chat, you can track chat widget events like,

  1. Chat badge clicked
  2. Chat started
  3. Chat ended
  4. Agent joined a chat
  5. Triggered chat activated
  6. Offline message sent


This integration is available in all the plans.

Prerequisite for the integration:

  • Login to your Google Analytics account.
  • Go to Admin →  Click Tracking Info → Tracking code.

  • Copy the Tracking code

  • Paste this Tracking code from Google Analytics account above the </body> tag of your website’s source code. 

Important Note: Incase, if you have not installed HappyFox Chat on your website already, copy the installation code under Manage → Installation from your HappyFox Chat account and paste it above the </body> tag in your website’s source code.

Steps to enable Google Analytics on HappyFox Chat:

Step 1: Log in to your HappyFox Chat Account.

Step 2: Go to Apps 

Step 2 : Click on the Google Analytics app.

Step 3: Click on the INSTALL button.

Step 4: Click on the Enable button on the resultant page.

Step 5: Click the Enable button and you are all set.


To view these events on your Google Analytics account:

Under Reports, click Real-Time → choose Events. You can see Events that are logged from HappyFox Chat.


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