Where to see the chat history

To view all the past chats,click History tab on your HappyFox Chat account. 

Filters and Search:

You can view chat based on following filters - present day, yesterday, present week, present month, all the time and offline messages.

You will find "Search by" option with a drop down in the right corner.

  1. You can search by Chats Handled by you, Facebook messages, Chats with ratings, missed chats, offline messages.
  2. Combination of search keywords can be given. For eg : If you want to search the agent who has missed chats, you can use the following syntax, `agent:"John" is:missed`

To know more about the different search syntax, pls refer the cheat sheet. You can click on `View search syntax` from the filter dropdown.

View by website/widget profile:

Multi-widget profile feature allows you to install and customize chat widgets on 3 or more websites and manage chats from all websites on a single HappyFox Chat account. More details here.

Inside the chat transcript:

To view chat conversation details, click chat transcript tile and you can see more info like chat duration, customer details (like Name, email, IP, OS), Chat ratings and feedback and Tags.

Offline messages:

Under offline messages tab, view all Offline messages from your customers. 

Using "Invite to chat" button, you can send an email to the customer with a dedicated chat link. 

Facebook messages:

View Facebook messages from your customers. To enable Facebook messenger integration, check here

Chat History storage:

Based on your subscription plan, you can view the chat history.