Chat Rating

Chat Rating feature allows your customers to rate a chat conversation and leave a feedback. 

The Chat rating feature is available on all paid plans.

With Chat Rating feature,

  • Understand if your customers are satisfied with your chat support.
  • Track the performance of the agents based on the overall ratings from the customers.
  • Customers can give their feedback / suggestions.

The rating for a chat conversation will be on a scale of 1 to 5. The customers can rate the chat conversation with an agent, by providing a star rating.

If it is,1 star → “Very Bad", 2 stars → "Bad", 3 stars → "OK", 4 stars → "Good", 5 stars → "Very Good".

To enable this feature, you have to be an admin user, 

Step 1: Login to your HappyFox Chat account.

Step 2: Go to Manage → Appearance.

Step 3: Toggle ON the option “Ask rating from visitor (post-chat)” → click “Save” button. 

How ratings & feedback are collected from Customers?

1. After the chat is ended (by the visitor or the agent), on the visitor widget, a rating form will appear with options for the visitor to,

a) Rate the chat conversation with <Agent Name>

b) Give feedback / suggestions in a text box.

On clicking the “Submit Response” button, the rating and feedback from the visitor gets submitted.

Note: Customers can prefer to skip rating the chat conversation.

View ratings and feedback:

1. In the “Chat History” tab, inside the each chat's history, on the right side pane, the rating and the feedback provided by the visitor will be displayed.

2. On the agent’s profile, the overall Average Rating of the Agent will be shown which can be seen by all the other Agent(s)/Admin(s) of that particular HappyFox Chat Account.

3. In the case of a transfer chat, rating for the chat conversation will be spread among all the agents who handled the chat. If a visitor is chatting with an agent X and transfer it to another agent Y, and if the visitor has rated the chat as 4-stars, both agents X and Y will get the ratings as 4-stars.

What Next?

With HappyFox Chat, understand your customers' satisfaction levels for the chat support and know your agent's performance through overall ratings.

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  • 15-Mar-2016