Offline Messages

Offline Messages feature allows your visitors to send you a message when no agents are available to take the chats. When the agents are offline, the visitor widget will read "Leave us a message" instead of "Chat with us".

Where do I receive these Offline Messages?

1. Offline messages are sent to the email address that is set under Chat Transcripts under Manage section on your HappyFox Chat Account.

2. Offline Messages will also be populated under History → Offline Messages on your HappyFox Chat Account.

To collect visitors phone number on the offline form:

1. Go to Manage section → Click Appearance.

2. Toggle on "Ask phone number from visitor in offline form" and "Save" the settings.

Ways to contact the customer who sent an Offline Message:

1. If you have already integrated HappyFox Chat and HappyFox HelpDesk, the Offline message will be created as a separate ticket and you can click 'Update' to reply back to the ticket on the HappyFox HelpDesk.1  

2. On your HappyFox Chat account under History -> Offline Messages section, you have an option to send an email to the customer using “Invite to Chat” button.As shown below the email along with the invite to chat link will be sent from a no-reply email address. The link will direct the customer to a web page with chat widget.

3. Offline Messages are also sent as e-mail transcripts to the email address set under Manage → Chat Transcripts in your HappyFox Chat Account. You can simply send a reply from the email.