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How to set Work Hours for the company?
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Work Hours feature allows you to set up your preferred work timings/operating hours for each day of the week. Chat widget goes to offline state or gets hidden after work hours depending upon the preferences set by the admin. 

This feature is available on all plans.

Setting up Work Hours:

1. Login to your HappyFox Chat account.

2. Click on workhours from the main menu.

3. Choose the desired timezone and set work hours for that timezone.

3. Now set up the operating hours for each day of the week. Clicking on 'edit' will display option to edit day of the week and the timings.

Note: You can create multiple entries for the same day and the lowest 'From' time and highest 'To' time will be taken into account.

After Work Hours:

Visitor Side:

After Work Hours kick-in, the chat widget will go to offline state even though the agents are still logged in. Depending upon your account settings, the offline state could be

  • Showing an offline form to visitor (or)
  • The widget will be hidden.

Article reference - Hide chat widget when agents are offline.


Agent Side:

Agent screen will read "Off-hours have kicked in. You'll no longer receive chats." To receive chats they need to request admin to change the work hours.

With this feature you have a control over when the chat support is available for your visitors.

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