Tags feature allows you to add tags to a Chat conversation to identify similar chats easily with the keyword(s). Both admins and agents can add tags to each chat.

How to add Tags? 

1. During an Ongoing Chat Conversation:

a) Type '!' Key or click up arrow icon on the chat window. Select Commands to display the list of commands → select 'tag' from the menu.

b)Type in the tag name → hit Enter Key.

c) After adding a tag to the chat you will see a notification saying tags added, which will be visible only to agents and not Visitors.

2. To Chat Transcript under Chat History

Tags can also be added to the Chat's Transcript available under Chat History

a) Go to History Tab and select a Chat Transcript in your HappyFox Chat account.

b) You can see Tags field on the right bottom pane.

c) Click on 'Add Tags' hyperlink and add the relevant keyword(s) → press 'Enter' key and click "Save".

Now the Tag will be added to the Chat Transcript.

By clicking on Edit Tags hyperlink, the tags can be edited, deleted, and new tags can be added.

Where can I view these Tags?

1. The tags are listed on each chat transcript under chat history in HappyFox Chat.

2. If you have integrated HappyFox Chat and HappyFox HelpDesk, then the tag added to chat/chat transcript will also be added to that particular chat transcript's ticket on HappyFox HelpDesk.

Can I search chat history based on Tags?

Go to Chat history section >> type the search query  tag:<name of tag> to the search option on the top right corner under History section in your HappyFox Chat account

Example: I want to fetch chats with the tag "helpdesk", I have to type the search query as tag:helpdesk and hit enter and it will list the results.