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Chat history
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History section on HappyFox Chat is an archive of all the completed chats, missed chats, and offline messages. The access limit to the history section is based on your subscription plan.

Details inside a chat transcript:

To view chat conversation details, click chat transcript tile and you can see more info like chat duration, customer details (like Name, email, IP, OS), Chat ratings and feedback and Tags.

Offline messages:

Under offline messages tab, view all Offline messages from your customers. Using "Invite to chat" button, you can send email to the customer with a dedicated chat link. 

Facebook messages:

View Facebook messages from your customers. To enable Facebook messenger integration, check here


If you have enabled SMS-Chat feature, when the conversation is marked as complete, the message will be listed under History section.

View history by website/widget profile:

Multi-widget profile feature allows you to install and customize chat widgets on 3 or more websites and manage chats from all websites on a single HappyFox Chat account. More details here.

How to filter chats by timeline? 

Browse chat history section using timeline filters on the left pane as shown below.


How to filter chats by keywords and specific criteria?



You can filter chats by keywords,  search query/syntax like chats Handled by you, Facebook messages, chats with ratings, missed chats, offline messages..

To know more about the different search queries and combinations of search queries, refer to this article - here.


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