How to collect phone number from my visitors?

If you want to collect your visitors' contact number during the chat, you can simply enable the Phone number option in your HappyFox Chat account. Only Admin role enabled agents will have access to this setting.

Steps to enable Phone number field on the pre-chat form:

Step 1: Login to your HappyFox Chat account. (New to HappyFox Chat? SignUp)
Step 2: Go to Manage page and click on Pre-chat form tab on the sidebar.
Step 3: Pre-chat form settings:

  1. Enable "Show Pre-chat form" option. This option will be enabled by default to collected visitor details. 
  2. Enable "Collect Visitor phone number" option. To set the phone number field as optional input, just click the optional checkbox.
  3. Click "Save" to save the pre-chat form settings 

HappyFox Chat live chat widget with Phone number field:

Note: The chat window will automatically identify your customer's location and display the corresponding country's flag in the phone number field.
Request your visitor's phone number during a chat:

  1. During an ongoing chat, agents can request their visitors to provide their phone number.
  2. Type the command, "!GetVisitorDetails" in the chat reply area and enter. 

Your chat visitor will see "Add details" button on the chat widget (as shown below)

On Clicking add details, the visitor can enter the phone number and other required details and click "Continue" button to proceed with the chat.

Option for Visitors to edit/add phone number during a chat
Yes! Visitors can provide their phone number and other details by clicking "Add your details" button in the chat widget.

Option for Agents to edit/add phone number during a chat

An agent can edit/update the phone number of the visitor by clicking the edit icon on the meta area above agent chat window.

Enter the corresponding details and click "Save".

Phone number information on the Agent's chat window

Phone number information on the chat transcript (Under History section)

Steps to enable Phone number field on the Offline form:

1. Go to Manage page on your HappyFox Chat account.
2. Click on Appearance tab on the sidebar.
3. Enable "Ask phone number from the visitor in offline form" setting.

HappyFox Chat offline form/widget with Phone number field:

Phone number information on the Offline message (Under History section)

The collected phone number information will also be shown in the chat transcript sent to your email id.