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November 28 2017 Production Release

**New app Integration:** You can now integrate Join.Me app with your HappyFox Chat account. This integration is available in Mighty and above plans. [Click here][1] to know more about the integration. **Enhancements:** 1. Provision to change your hubspot crm account that is integrated with HappyFox Chat account…

November 06 2017 Production Release

**New features:** 1. **App Integration : Hubspot CRM - **You can now integrate HappyFox Chat account with your Hubspot CRM account. 2. **Rest API** **-** We now support API- Read access. [Click here][1] for API docs. **Enhancements: ****Transaction email for chat rating** - Whenever you receive a rating from …

December 07 2017 Production Release

**Announcements: ** You can now refer HappyFox Chat to people and earn! Login to your HappyFox Chat account and click on "Refer and earn"** Enhancements:** 1. You can now chose to hide the widget on your webpage when all of your support agents are in their maximum chat limits and busy. You can toggle ON - "Hide…

Sep 18 2017 Production release

** Bug Fixes:** 1. Fixed an issue where the incoming chat requests were not routed to the department that is set under the pre chat form section of HappyFox Chat account. 2. Fixed an issue where the admins were not able to edit a triggered chat setting when the associated department was deleted.

December 12 2017 Production Release

**Announcement:** HappyFox Chat Agent app now adheres to **CSP (Content security policy).** This helps to guard against various security attacks and prevents execution of malicious content in the page.

December 27 2017 Production Release

**Security Enhancement:** HappyFox Chat account login will be restricted for an hour after 5 invalid password attempts from the same IP address. This way, your account can be secured from brute force attacks. However, you can login with a new password by using the forgot password option or Admin can reset your passw…

October 06 2017 Production Release

**Enhancement:** 1. **Reports :** You can now filter reports based on your website profiles and departments.[Click here][1] to know more. 2. **Triggered chat : **You can now mute the sound that is generated for the triggered chat.[Click here][2] to know more. **Announcement:** Provision to cancel your HappyFox C…

July 21 2017 Production Release

**Bug Fix:** 1. Fixed an issue where the agent's interface was not tracking the visitor page/search history when the page's source code had the same open graph url in all its pages. 2. Fixed issues in Facebook messenger and HappyFox Chat integration where at times the facebook messages were not coming into the Happ…

July 06 2017 Production Release

**Bug fix:** Fixed an issue where the users were not able to upgrade from trial to paid plan in the billing interface of HappyFox Chat. **Others:** HappyFox Chat - Desktop app ver2.04 released for both Mac and Windows OS. To download - [Click here][1] [1]:

May 08 2017 Production release

**Bug Fix:** Fixed an issue where the file attachments from Agent's chat window was not sent to the visitor widget.

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