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September 28 2022 Production Release
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Enhanced new chat notifications in proactive chat scenarios.

  • In Broadcast Routing Mode: When a visitor replies to a proactive message sent by an agent, the corresponding agent will see a timer on the incoming chat request indicating that it will be available only for him to answer for the next 90 seconds. After 90 seconds, the timer will disappear indicating that the chat is now available for other agents as well to pick up.

  • In Auto-assign Routing Mode: Incoming proactive chat requests will be green in color to differentiate itself from other normal chat requests and to indicate to the assigned agent that this is from a visitor whom he/she attempted to engage by sending a proactive message.

  • Corrections to chat widget German language version.



  • Earlier visitors who return back to the customer’s website after 30 days were neither counted for visitors total count nor listed to the agents under the “Visitors” section. We have fixed this issue now.

  • Enhanced chat widget to handle a high number of triggered chat conditions.

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