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July 05 2022 Production Release

**New feature:** * **Introduced a new Visitor Chat Widget JS SDK option to show waiting messages to visitors if chat is not accepted in a given time. Please refer to the “waitingMessage” config option in [developer documentation][1] to know more.** **Enhancements:** * **Multiple lines of visitor message will be…

Production release - Oct 20 2021

* **Fixed incorrect translations shown in chat widget** * **Made changes to stop sending app/web notifications if the window is active** * **Other minor fixes**

July 21 2021 Production Release

**Enhancements:** * Proactive chat * Agents can now broadcast a single message to multiple visitors. * Agents can now send multiple proactive messages to the same visitor until he picks up the chat. * Fixed other bugs around proactive chat **Bug Fixes:** * Fixed a connection issue with unset visi…

May 18 2021 Production Release

* Made more performance enhancements in the agent Front end for a smoother chatting experience in accounts with high load. * Fixed a few issues related to chat reassignment in Auto-assignment mode.

May 03 2021 Production Release

* Upgraded parts of the backend in preparation for a major upgrade in the coming weeks. This is for enhancing security and performance of our backend APIs. * Fixed several issues that caused intermittent delays in updating agent availability status in widget. * Fixed other minor crash reports.

May 20 2021 Production Release

**Enhancements and Bug fixes** * Facebook Messenger integration has been upgraded to use the recent APIs published by Facebook. * Fixed issues reported in Custom SAML SSO integration.

December 21 2016 Production Release

**Bug Fix:** Fixed a sporadic issue where at times the agents using HappyFox Chat's Android or iOS apps were automatically logged out from the app. There is absolutely no action required from your side, as in you do not have to update your app if you are already using the latest versions. (Android v1.2 and iOS v1.7…

November 19 2016 Production Release

**Enhancements:** Triggered Chats: 1. Provision for the admin to set customised messages for a trigger. 2. Provision to set a department for routing the chats that happen through triggers. 3. Sound alert for triggered messages. 4. Triggered Chat functionality compatible with mobile pages. **Bug Fixes:** 1. Fi…

March 10 2017 Production Release

**Bug Fix:** 1. Facebook Messenger integration: Fixed a bug where at times, the messages section froze when preview based links or attachments were sent from the integrated Facebook page. 2. Proactive chat : Fixed an issue where the live visitor tiles in the Visitor's page were turning grey even after an agent proa…

December 8 2016 Production Release

**Bug Fix:** Fixed a UI issue in chrome browser where the Department picker dropdown in the HappyFox Chat widget was not displayed properly when the text color setting was changed under Manage->Appearance settings.

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