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May 05 2017 Production Release
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1. Salesforce app integration:
Phone no. of the visitor will be posted to the corresponding lead or contact detail in the connected Salesforce account.

  • During Chat: If visitor's phone number is available, Lead/Contact with that phone no. will be fetched from your connected SFDC account and displayed in the meta area of the chat window.
  • After Chat: Contact/Lead will be created using visitor's phone number.

2. Proactive chat feature:
The live visitor tiles on the visitors' tab will now show you: 
A status message on the tiles.   
    1. Which agent engaged a visitor
    2. How long ago the visitor was engaged 
    3. Whether the visitor is waiting for a reply and
    4. With which agent the chat was finished.
The proactive chat message (chat bubble) will not stay for longer than 3 minutes on the web page once the visitor has seen it.
c. Live visitor tiles on the visitors' page will be visually dimmed if they have been engaged already.
d. Proactive engage message limit has been increased from 50 to 100 characters.

Bug Fix:
Fixed an issue where the MailChimp subscription form was not displayed after the chat is ended.

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