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June 07 2017 Production Release

1. Zapier integration : The Zap will have a provision to send your visitor's phone no. to the action apps via zapier.

Bug Fixes:

1. Fb Messenger integration - Fixed a bug where the cursor was automatically moving to the other message windows as and when a visitor sends a message.
2. Fixed UI glitches in visitor widget - Add visitor details UI, Pre-chat form, Department dropdown field.
3. Fixed an issue where the agent was unable to copy a chat message during an ongoing chat.
4. Triggered chat - Fixed an issue where the triggered chat was not working when the trailing slash is left out (when the triggered chat condition is based on Page URL).
5. Fixed an issue where one of the validation message in the Add visitor details form in the visitor widget wasn't getting translated to the set language.
6. Firefox browser - Fixed an issue where the admin was unable to edit/delete the input present in the max chat limit text box (Prechat form->Routing) and Triggered chat (Time on page input value)

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