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Missed Chats
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A chat is as considered “Missed” in the following scenarios,

  1. If your visitor ends the chat before your agent accepts or replies to it.
  2. If the agents go offline or close the app/browser, after an incoming chat.
  3. If visitor immediately closes browser after starting a chat.
  4. If the agent declines the chat. 

Where can I view missed chats? 

1. Chat History: Missed chats are highlighted as shown below. You can also search using the filter.

2. Chat transcripts: Missed chat transcripts will be sent to the account owner's email id by default. 

How to reach out to missed chat customers? 

1. Agents can directly drop an email to the missed chat customers by getting their email id from history section and invite them to chat.

2. You can use HappyFox's helpdesk tool integration which will convert all the live chats, missed chats and offline messages in to tickets.  Agents can address the missed chats and offline messages from the helpdesk. 


Tips to avoid missed chats:

  • Download HappyFox Chat 2.0 mobile app to handle chats from anywhere.
  • If you are on browser app and you are away, make sure you set the chat availability to Unavailable.
  • If you are using Slack, you can keep the team informed about the chat requests and responses to chats by integrating the app with HappyFox. Refer to this link.
  • Hide widget when no agents are available, refer to this link
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