Chat Transcripts

Which chats will be emailed as transcripts? 

  • Completed chats
  • Missed chats
  • Offline messages

Which email id transcripts are sent to? 

By default, the transcripts are sent to the email id of the admin who created HappyFox Chat account.

To change the email id, go to Manage >> Chat Transcripts. Only Admins have the access to change the email id.

Can admins send all chat transcripts from a customer to themselves? 

Yes, users with admin role on HappyFox Chat account can see 'View/Export Visitor transcripts' option.

On clicking it they 'Export' button. Click on it to export all the transcripts with that email address in JSON format.

Can I stop chat transcripts from being emailed? 

Yes. You can leave the field empty and click 'save'.

Note:  Offline Messages won't be sent to your email address, if there is no email address set under Chat Transcripts.

Can customers send a copy of chat to themselves? 

During an ongoing chat, they can click on 'Email chat' icon widget to send.

2. After chat ends they can click 'Email Chat' option to send the copy of the chat.