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Export Chat transcripts
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In the chat history section, you can find an archive of all the completed chats, missed chats, and offline messages.


Below are the ways to email/export the chat transcripts-

1. Auto-send chat transcripts:

  • By default, all the chats and offline messages will be auto-emailed to the email id of the account owner or to the email id mentioned under Manage > Chat transcripts.

2. Manually export chat transcripts of a customer:

  • Navigate to Chat History > Past chats section from the main menu.
  • Click open any customer's Chat transcript tile.
  • Click the 'View/Export Visitor transcripts' option on the right-hand side of the page.
  • You can now view all the chat transcripts with that particular customer's email id/phone number.
  • Now click the 'Export' button and all the transcripts of that particular customer will be exported. 
  • If there's no email id or phone number inside the chat transcript, all transcripts visitor alone will be shown which can be exported.

3. Export all the Chat transcripts via API:

To export all the chat transcripts in your history section, you can use our developer API. Kindly refer to this link -

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