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Chat Widget Status
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Chat Status feature allows you to control the visibility of the widget on your website. You can location this option under the Manage section.


Login - > Go to the chat status page from the main menu.

Hide widget when no agents are available:


When all the agents are offline,

  • To hide the widget automatically set this option to ON.
  • To display the Offline form, toggle it OFF.


If you have Work Hours enabled on your account, the widget will work per this setting.


Enable chat widget:


To show/hide the chat widget manually, set this option to ON/OFF.  When you toggle this option OFF during an ongoing chat, the widget will be available for the customers to chat until chat conversation ends.

Note: Since the "Enable chat widget option" has direct control to hide the widget, it takes precedence over the "Hide widget when no agents are available" option.

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