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Showing articles from reports tag

November 10 2017 Production Release

**Enhancements:** Reports will now display additional details like tags associated with the chat transcript and the Phone no. of the visitors. ** Bug fixes:** 1. Fixed a bug where the proactive chat bubble got disappeared when the visitor navigates to other pages in the webpage or refreshes the page. 2. Fixed a…

April 28 2017 Production release

**Enhancement:** The exported CSV report will henceforth contain the **Rating** information. To export report, click here - [][1] [1]:

Chat Reports and Analytics

Reports feature on HappyFox Chat provides data on the chat activity and customer satisfaction metrics. > Reports feature is available in **all plans.** > > Reports can be accessed by both admins and agents. > > Only admin can export the reports data. You can filter reports with custom date range depending upon y…

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