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Chat Reports and Analytics

Reports feature on HappyFox Chat provides data on the chat activity and customer satisfaction metrics.

Reports feature is available in Mighty and above plans.

Reports can be accessed by both admins and agents.

Only admin can export the reports data.

You can filter reports with custom date range depending upon your plan:


Mighty - Last 180 days

Fantastic - Last 180 days

Enterprise - All time

Chat Activity

This section displays data on total number of chats over the selected time range in pictorial form, number of missed chats, agent leaderboard and average chat duration.

Activity reports can be filtered based on,

a) Custom Date Range Filter - Allows you to filter reports based on custom date range that you select in the drop down.

b) Agents Based Filter - Allows you to filter reports based on agent to know agent level performance and metrics.

c) Profile filter - Allows you to view reports for the selected profile.
d) Department filter - Allows you to view reports for the selected department.

Customer Satisfaction: 

This section displays data on customer ratings, average first response time, average waiting time and agent leaderboard.

Exporting Report data

Admins of the HappyFox Chat account can export the chat reports data in a CSV format. After selecting the filter range, click 'Export' button located on the top right corner of the Reports section.

Once you click, reports will be mailed to the email id of the admin who requested it.

The exported CSV file will have the following field information:

Profile Name, Date and Time, Visitor Page URL, Visitor Timezone, Visitor IP address, Visitor Name, Visitor Email address, Agent Name, No of Messages, Waiting Time, Average Response time, Total Duration of Chat, Missed Chat, Chat Rating, Tags associated with the chat transcript, Phone no. of the visitor, Triggered chat name and Triggered chat message.

All these field information are available for each and every chat with the visitor over the selected range.

Note: After exporting the CSV file for a date range, you will not be able to export the report again within 15mins for the same date range filter. (Reports date might change every 15 mins and hence the restriction.)

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