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January 18 2017 Production Release

**Security enhancements:** 1. New Password rules: * Minimum password length is 8 characters. * Requires at least one special character or number. 2. Whenever your password is changed , an email will be sent to your login email address. 3. Captcha will be shown on the login page after 2 invalid login attempts.…

Password policies

HappyFox Chat has introduced new password policies to tighten the security. Find the new password policies below: 1. New rules: * A password cannot be less than 8 characters in length. * Atleast one special character or number is required. 2. Whenever an admin/agent changes their password, an email notifying ab…

Edit agent profile details

HappyFox Chat users can update their profile details from the "**Edit Profile**" section of their account. ![][1] On clicking the **edit profile** option, a popup will be displayed where you can modify your profile information, update your e-mail & password, enable/disable email notifications and set up 2FA. ### _*…

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