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January 18 2017 Production Release
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Security enhancements:

1. New Password rules:

  • Minimum password length is 8 characters.
  • Requires at least one special character or number.

2. Whenever your password is changed , an email will be sent to your login email address.
3. Captcha will be shown on the login page after 2 invalid login attempts.
4. Your account will be blocked for an hour after 5 invalid login attempts.
5. Email will be sent to you for every invalid login attempt.


1. Wordpress integration - Fixed an issue where the HappyFox Chat widget was not loading in the latest version of Wordpress.
2. Wordpress- Woocommerce integration(v3.0 and up plugins only) - Fixed an issue where the customer's cart info was not displayed during the ongoing chat.
3. Woo commerce integration - Fixed an issue where the amount details for the cart items were displaying the total amount instead of the product's unit price.

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