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How to initiate chat with visitors?
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Proactive Chat feature allows you to handpick real-time visitors on your website and send them a message. This feature is available across all the plans.

How to view real-time website visitors?

1. Login to your HappyFox Chat account.

2. Click on Visitors from the main menu to see the real-time visitors on your website. 

The number of visitors displayed is 50. As you scroll the next 50 visitors will be displayed if available.

3. On the page, you can see the location, time spent and current web page. When the visitor's name and email are added/passed to the widget, their details will also be shown.


How to initiate a proactive chat with visitors?

1. Click on any visitor tile whom you would like to send a proactive message, enter the chat message and click "Send". The character limit for this message is 100.
On clicking "Send", the visitor's tile will turn green indicating that the visitor has been engaged by an agent and other available agents will be aware.

3. At visitor side (on your website), the message will pop-up over the chat widget as shown below. 

Note: This message pop-up will be hidden in 3 minutes from the time the visitor views the message.

4. When the visitor clicks on the message, the chat widget will expand and the visitor can type and send a reply.

5. The chat notification will only be sent to the agent who initiated the proactive chat message. If this agent is offline by the time the visitor responds back, the chat notification will be sent to other available agents.

6. When the visitor replies to this message, they are not required to enter their details to reply. So you will see the visitor's details as 'VisitorXXXXX". Do not panic ;) You can still get their details. 


Type the command '!getVisitorDetails' and at the Visitor end "Add your details" button will appear. To know more click here.


8. If the agent accepts the chat and starts chatting, the visitor tile will read "Chatting" and after the chat is completed it would read - "Finished chatting with <agent name>"

9. If the visitor leaves before the agent accepts the chat the activity would read - "Visitor left"


If you want to set up automated triggers to your website visitors, refer > Triggered Chats.

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