Triggered Chats

Triggered Chats are smart triggers which enable you to send automated custom messages to your website visitors based on preconditions.

Only Admin of the HappyFox Chat account can set up Triggered Chats.

This feature is available on all the plans.

Triggered Chats can be set for any or all of the conditions below:

  • when a visitor stays on the site for 'n' number of seconds.
  • when a visitor is on specific URL.
  • when a visitor is a first time/repeat visitor.

How to Set Triggered Chats?

1. Login to your HappyFox Chat Account.

2. Go to Automate → Triggered Chats.

3. Click on 'Add' Button to add a new triggered chat.

Note: You can create Triggered Chats for multiple profiles.

3. Set Trigger Name and choose your preferred conditions for the Triggered Chat and Click Next.

4. Enter the custom message that needs to be displayed and click "Save Trigger".

Note: If visitor responds back to the triggered chat, all agents will receive the incoming chat notifications by default. If you are using departments, you can route the incoming chat notifications to specific departments.

To set the visitor name, click this link

Triggered Chat with custom message Preview

The custom automated message will appear as shown below after the preconditions are met.

Triggered Chat functionality is compatible with the mobile website as well.