How to initiate chat with visitors?

Proactive Chat feature allows you to view real-time visitors on your website, send a message and engage with them proactively.

This feature is available from the Popular plan and above. The number of visitors displayed is limited based on your plan.

How to initiate a proactive chat with visitors?

1. Login to your HappyFox Chat account.

2. Click Visitors tab. You will see the real-time visitors on your website in the form of Visitor tiles. On the visitor tile, you can see the location, time spent and current web page. Only when the visitor's name and email are added/passed to the widget the name will also be shown on the tile.

3. The visitor tiles will be sorted based on the Last active and Landed time which gets displayed when you hover the cursor on the visitor tile. You can also filter by Page, location, duration, agent and custom filter options available in the left pane. More info on Custom filter > here.

4. Click on any visitor tile whom you would like to engage and enter the chat message. The character limit for this message is 100.

5. On clicking "Send" button the visitor's tile will turn green, indicating that the visitor has been engaged by an agent. This way, other available agents are aware that the particular visitor is already engaged.

6. At visitor side (on your website), the message will be shown as a small pop-up on the chat widget with agent's picture. This message pop-up will be hidden in 3 minutes from the time the visitor views the message.
a. Chat badge style - Compact Mode

b. Chat badge style - Full mode

7. Once when the visitor clicks on the message, chat widget will expand and will contain the message that you sent. When the visitor responds back, a chat notification with be sent only to the agent who started the proactive chat. If the agent is offline by the time visitor responds back, the chat notification will be routed to other available agents.

8. When the visitor replies to the proactive chat message and the agents are yet to accept the chat, the visitor tile will read "Waiting for reply".  

9. If the agent accepts the chat and starts chatting, the visitor tile will read "Chatting with you/{agentname}". 

10. If the chat is not accepted by any of the agents, it becomes a missed chat. The tile will read "Missed chat". 

11. Once the chat is completed the visitor tile will turn into faded gray color when compared to other tiles and will show "Finished chat with you/{agentname}".