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Enforce Two-Factor Authentication - HappyFox Chat
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The Enforce Two-Factor Authentication feature enables the admins to mandate Two-Factor Authentication for all the users on the chat account. The feature is available on all the plans.


Steps to enable the feature:

1. Navigate to Manage from the main menu >> click Security.

2. Toggle ON Enforce Two-Factor Authentication and click Save.

Enabling the feature will not affect the agents' current session.

3. Now, all agents who have not set up Two-Factor Authentication will be notified via email.

4. Only when agents logs in again, they will be prompted to set up the Two-Factor Authentication.

5. Once the Two-Factor Authentication is set up, the agents will see below popup.

6. Agents who are logged in via mobile app will see the below message on their login screen during their next login.

If agents have enabled "Keep me logged in for 30 days" option or if they're on the same session, they will be auto-logged out from all the devices in 7 days from the time of enforcing Two-Factor Authentication.

Logging in again will prompt them to set up Two-Factor Authentication.

Identify the agents who have not enabled Two-Factor Authentication:

Admins can identify these agents under the agents section. A warning symbol will be displayed on the agent's tile as shown below:

Upon clicking their agent tile, the message 'Two-Factor Authentication not setup' will be displayed:


Reset Two-Factor Authentication for an agent:

1. Only Admins have the permission to reset Two-Factor Authentication for any of their agents.

2. Admins can navigate to Agents Section, click on that particular agent's tile and click 'Reset Two-Factor Authentication' upon which an email notification will be sent to the agent.

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