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Two-Factor Authentication for HappyFox Chat
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You can now configure your chat account with Two-Factor Authentication to ensure additional secured access.

Two-Factor Authentication is available to users who use traditional email/password combination for logging in and also for those accounts in which Two-Factor Authentication has been enforced.

If SSO is enabled on the chat account, agents won't be shown with the Two-Factor Authentication option but admins can view this. 

We support any TOTP based Authenticator app, such as Google Authenticator, Authy, etc., 

We recommend using Google Authenticator app.

Please download the app and proceed with set up steps below.

Steps to enable Two-Factor Authentication:

1. All admins/agents can log in to their respective HappyFox Chat accounts.

2. Go to Edit profile >> Click Two-Factor Authentication.

3. Click on the arrow >> Scan the QR code using the Authenticator app >> Enter the six digit verification code 

4. Once you click "Enable Two-Factor Authentication", you will be provided with backup codes. Save it to a clipboard and keep a printed copy.

To Disable / Reconfigure:

Go to Edit profile and corresponding options will be available:

Note: If an agent want to disable the Two-Factor Authentication for his / her account, he can click on the disable button.

Two-Factor Authentication on login page:

After entering the email id and password, clicking login button will redirect you to verification code page:  


While logging in, agents will be presented with the Two-Factor Authentication screen where they will prompted for the verification code:


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