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Managing Tags in HappyFox Chat
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You can manage your tags with HappyFox Chat's Tag management feature. This is available in Scale and Scale Plus plans.
Only admin role enabled agents can access this page.
Admins can now View, Create, Edit, Delete or Merge tags.

1. Login to your HappyFox Chat account.
2. Go to Tags from the menu.

3. You can view the list of all the tags that have been added by you/agents.
4. You can create a new tag by clicking "Add tag".
5. You can Edit or Delete the tags.

If you delete a particular tag from this page, it will delete the tag from the associated chat and offline message transcripts.
If you rename a tag to the name of an existing tag, it will merge all its transcripts.

6. To view the transcripts associated with the tag, you can click on the View transcripts link.

If you want to restrict the agents from adding their own tags and use the defined ones only, you can turn on the toggle - "Restrict to allowed tags".

Your agents would see this when they try to add a tag during a chat,

Your agents would see this when they try to add a tag on the History->chat transcript page.

Want to know how to add tags during a chat - click here.

Note: You can add tags to the chat transcripts in all the plans.

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