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November 06 2017 Production Release

**New features:** 1. **App Integration : Hubspot CRM - **You can now integrate HappyFox Chat account with your Hubspot CRM account. 2. **Rest API** **-** We now support API- Read access. [Click here][1] for API docs. **Enhancements: ****Transaction email for chat rating** - Whenever you receive a rating from …

Enable integration with HubSpot CRM

By integrating HubSpot CRM with HappyFox Chat, 1. During an ongoing chat, view contact and deal information from HubSpot CRM. 2. Create contacts in HubSpot CRM during an ongoing chat. 3. Create contacts in HubSpot CRM after the chat ends. 4. Create contacts in HubSpot CRM from offline messages. 5. Capture UTM par…

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