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How to set up waiting message
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If all your agents reached their maximum chat limit, you can show an auto-waiting message to your customers in the chat window using the queueing option. This waiting message can be customized.

Steps to set up:

1. Login to your HappyFox Chat account.

2. Click on Routing from the main menu. (You can be on any routing mode - Broadcast or Auto-assign).

NOTE: You must set maximum chat limit for agents. Let's consider your agents are handling 4-5 chats simultaneously.  

3. Under Queueing, turn on the option "Allow additional chats to queue".

4. Edit/customise the waiting message >> click "Save".

After set up:

When all the agents reached their max chat limits,

  • Visitor side, a waiting message will be displayed in the chat window:
  • Agent side: The visitors' chat will be added to queue automatically to the Queued chat section in the sidebar.
  • When the agent is free from his/her max chat limit, the chats will be automatically released from the queue one by one and will be available for the agent to accept them.
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