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How to block visitors?
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Visitor Blocking feature allows you to block abusive visitors and spammers from chatting with support agents. Visitors can be blocked using their IP address, email or phone number.

This feature is available on all the plans.

Only Admin(s) can enable this feature.

Both Agent(s) and Admin(s) can block visitors.

How to enable this feature?

1. Login to your HappyFox Chat account.

2. Click on Visitor Blocking from the main menu.

3. Turn on Enable Visitor Blocking option and click Save.

Ways to block an abusive customer:

1. During an ongoing chat:

Simply use the command "!blockVisitor" in the chat area and hit enter.


The system will prompt you with a confirmation dialogue box.


On selecting "Yes", the chat will be ended on the agent side. And the widget will hide/disappear at the visitor end.

By default, the visitor will be blocked for 3 days. Admin can change the number of days under Manage --> Visitor blocking.

2. From Chat History section:

You will find "Block Visitor" option on the right side of the chat transcript as show in the panel below.

Blocked visitor's transcript under History.

To unblock, just hit the "Unblock" option right next to the 'Visitor blocked" label.   

3. From the Manage section:

Go to Visitor blocking under Manage section --> Click "Block visitor" to add the details of the visitor to be blocked.

Block visitors using their IP address, email address or phone number. Anyone of the detail is mandatory.

Choose for how many days do you want to block the customer.

All the blocked visitor details will be shown under Manage --> Visitor Blocking.

If the visitor is blocked during an ongoing chat, the admin can view the chat transcript to understand why were they blocked by clicking the 'View chat history' link provided across the blocked visitor entries.

Clicking the link will take you to the respective chat transcript.

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