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Unable to view customer info on chat
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The customers can start a chat conversation without entering their details in the below cases:

  1. when a customer responds to a triggered chat or a proactive chat (even if you have pre-chat form ON).
  2. when you have turned off the pre-chat form. 

Hence you are unable to see the customer details.

How can I get customer details during a chat?

a) Request visitor details: Type the command !getVisitorDetails in the chat text area and hit enter or choose from the commands list.


On the visitor's side Add your details button will be displayed as shown below,

On clicking the Add your details button, they can enter the details in the respective fields. Note: They can also choose to click the close button to skip it.

Once they add, you will be notified in the agent chat area,


b) Add Visitor details: If customers provide their details on chat, you can add it to the chat by clicking on the "edit" icon.


After clicking on it, the agent will be prompted to enter the visitor details. Once done, click the "Save" button will update the visitor details on the chat.

c) Option for visitors: Your visitors can enter their details to the chat widget anytime during the chat by clicking the upward arrow and select "Add your details".

As soon as the details are entered, it will get updated instantly visitor widget and agent window.

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