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How to preset customer name and email on chat widget
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This can be done programmatically. You can send in your signed-in user’s name and email by simply calling the setVisitorInfo method to pass those details. This will skip the pre-chat form for the users.

Mandatory properties that needs to be set are:

  • name
  • email

Syntax - setVisitorInfo

HappyFoxChat.setVisitorInfo(<visitorInfoObject>, <callback>);

<visitorInfo[Object]> should have two mandatory properties name and email.


HFCHAT_CONFIG.onload = function() {
var HappyFoxChat = this;
HappyFoxChat.setVisitorInfo ({
'name': ‘Bob’,
'email': ‘’
}, function(err, resp) {
if(err) {
console.error('Failed to set visitor details. Error:', err);
} else {
console.log('Added visitor details:', resp);

Important Note:

  • This API method should be called only after the script is loaded.
  • You can add your HappyFox Chat API related code with in the `onload` function.

Once a customer logs into your website and clicks on the chat widget their name will be shown directly instead of a pre-chat form.

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