What are the available Keyboard Shortcuts?

Keyboard Shortcuts a.k.a Hot Keys are provided in HappyFox Chat to make instant quick actions in HappyFox Chat.

Keyboard Shortcuts available in HappyFox Chat are:


g+c - Go to Chat

g+h - Go to History

g+a - Go to Agents

g+m - Go to Manage

g+t - Go to Automate

During Chat

Esc - Close the chat window

Shift+Esc - End the conversation

Ctrl+. - Cycle through Chat windows

Ctrl+, - Go to next unresponded chat

Add new stuff

n+. - Add new popup

n+a - Add new agent

n+r - Add new canned response

n+c - Invite to chat

Other Hotkeys

a+. - Toggle your availability

s+. - Sign out

? - Show Help

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  • 17-May-2016