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Keyboard Shortcuts in HappyFox Chat

Keyboard Shortcuts a.k.a Hot Keys are provided in HappyFox Chat to make instant quick actions in HappyFox Chat.

Press Shift +? keys to view the list of keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts available in HappyFox Chat are:




g+c - Go to Chat

g+h - Go to History

g+a - Go to Agents

g+m - Go to Manage

g+t - Go to Automate


During Chat


Esc - Close the chat window

Shift+Esc - End the conversation

Ctrl+. - Cycle through Chat windows

Ctrl+, - Go to next unresponded chat


Add new stuff


n+. - Add new popup

n+a - Add new agent

n+r - Add new canned response

n+c - Invite to chat


Other Hotkeys


a+. - Toggle your availability

s+. - Sign out

? - Show Help

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