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Setting up Custom SAML SSO on your HappyFox Chat account
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Available on the Scale Plus plan. 


HappyFox Chat already has built-in integrations with Okta, OneLogin and G-Suite. If you would like to integrate with any other SAML compliant Identity provider, you must use Custom SAML SSO integration.


Steps to configure Custom SAML SSO:

Only agents with ”Admin” role will be able to perform following steps.


  1. Go to Manage > Security
  2. Set the Enable single sign on to ON
  3. Choose your identity provider: Select Custom SAML
  4. Enter the following information
    1. idP Entity Id - For us to validate the idP
    2. idP SSO Target Url - The url to be redirected to when someone tries to login via SSO
    3. idP Signature - The SAML Certificate from your SAML server. X.509 certificates are supported and should be in PEM format
  5. Click on Save


Configuration in your SAML based IDP:

  1. Copy paste the Access Consumer Service (ACS) URL in IDP end. This will be used to redirect agents to HappyFox Chat after authentication at your IDP.

  2. The NameID format in your IDP should be EmailAddress i.e urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:emailAddress. This is used to match and verify the agent in HappyFox Chat. With this attribute, the email address of the agent will be fetched from your IDP.


User Management:

HappyFox Chat account admins must add/deactivate agents manually in HappyFox Chat in Agents section to give them access to account.


User Authentication:

Agents can login to HappyFox Chat if all of these steps are done.


  1. Custom SAML is successfully integrated in Manage > Security section 
  2. The agent is added in the agents section manually by admin and 
  3. The same agent is given login access to HappyFox Chat app in your IDP end


Agents with admin role can login with email address & password as well. 

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