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Chat Transcript Visibility
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Chat Transcript Visibility feature allows admins to control on what chat transcripts can be viewed by agents on their account.


This feature is available only in Scale and Scale Plus plans.


Only Admins have permission to set chat transcript visibility for agents.


How to set up Chat Transcript Visibility for Agents?


You can set Chat transcript visibility for Agents in 2 ways:


1. Setting Chat Transcript Visibility during inviting an agent to your account


While inviting an agent to your account, you've the provision to set transcript visibility for an agent like shown below:



You can either set it as 'Self' or 'Department' or 'All'.


2. Setting Chat transcript Visibility from Agents section


Admins can also set chat transcript visibility from Agents section.


Admins need to navigate to Agents tab and choose on any agent tile for whom they would like to set transcript visibility.


In the Agent pop-up window, they have a drop down to choose the transcript visibility under 'Can access transcripts of' like shown below:



Admins can set it as either 'Self' or 'Department' or 'All' from the dropdown to the corresponding agent.


How does it work?




When the Chat Transcript visibility is set to 'Self', agent will be able to view only the chat transcripts in which he / she participated, including the ones that was transferred to him / her by other agent / department.




When the Chat Transcript visibility is set to 'Department', agent will be able to see all the chat transcripts that belong to the department he / she is part of.




When the chat transcript visibility is set to 'All', agent will be able to see all the transcripts belonging to all departments and widget profiles.


Note: You might not be able to set transcript visibility to other admins in your account.


Impacts of Chat Transcript Visibility at Agent End:


1. The counter on the side bar under the 'Chat History' section will change for the agent depending upon his setting.


2. While displaying 'past chats' during a chat, agents will be able to see only the chats based upon this setting.


3. When they try to open a chat transcript link sent by other agents / admins to which they do not have access to, they will be forbidden with an error message.

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