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Creating Custom visitor filters in HappyFox Chat
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Custom filters allow you to group and view a specific set of your website live visitors in HappyFox Chat.
This is available in Growth, Scale, and Scale Plus plans. You can create a maximum of 25 filters.
Only admins can create custom filters.

You can create filters based on 
1. The available filter options.
2. Your own custom filters.

1. Creating filters from the available filter options.
1. Go to the Visitors page from the main menu.

2. Click on Add custom filter.

3. Provide a name and set conditions accordingly.
Available conditions,
- Page URL.
- Country.
- State.
- City.
- Activity - is chatting, the chat is dismissed, the chat is ended, an agent has engaged.

4. Once done you will be able to view your website's live visitor by the selected filter. (eg. View only Australian customers).


2. Creating your own custom filters: 
1. You will have to create custom fields.
2. Login to your HappyFox Chat account.
3. Go to Custom fields from the main menu.

4. Add the desired custom fields that you would like to have as filters in the Live visitors' page. Set the appropriate name and type of the custom field.

5. Once done, you will see the created custom fields while creating custom filters like this at the visitors page. (Go to vistors page from the main menu).

6. Please refer to the API documentation available at and pass the custom fields via the JS SDK to the HappyFox Chat widget.
7. You can then filter the live visitors based on the created fields on the visitors page -

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