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Chat Barge-in
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The barge-in feature allows the admins and agents with monitor chat permission, to take over any ongoing chat from another agent.

  • This feature is available in Growth, Scale, and Scale Plus plans.
  • This feature is enabled by default for all the account admins.

How to take over a chat?

If you are an admin or an agent with monitor chat permission, once you log in, you will see other active chats section on the sidebar. Click on any of the chats to monitor the chat. You will see the barge-in option on the chat window.

How do I know if I should take over a chat?  

After going through the chat, if necessary, you can click on the barge-in option to take over the chat. 

What happens after clicking the barge-in option? 

You would see the "You barged into the conversation" notification message and the chat text area on the chat window. You can introduce yourself and continue the chat with the customer.


The agent who was handling the chat before will see a notification message saying "Chat taken over by <agent name>"

Chat transcripts under the history section will record the barge-in activities.

Star Rating given by the user will be equally distributed among the agent and the barged-in administrator.

To understand more about monitoring chat functionality - Click here.

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