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Enable integration with Shopify

By integrating Shopify with HappyFox Chat, 1. View the **history of the orders** of the visitors as you chat. 2. See the order’s status, items, and quantities in the visitor information box. 3. Fetch **LiveCart**** details** of the visitor on your Shopify store. Only **Admin** has the access to install Shopi…

Enable integration with WordPress

HappyFox Chat's WordPress plugin lets you install live chat widget on your WordPress site within seconds (self-hosted WordPress or WordPress VIP). Only **Admin** has the access to install HappyFox Chat on WordPress. This integration is available on all plans. ### **Prerequisite for WordPress-HappyFox Chat integrati…

Enable Integration with HappyFox Help Desk

[HappyFox Helpdesk][1] is a powerful ticket management software. By integrating HappyFox helpdesk with HappyFox Chat, 1. Create new tickets for every completed chat, missed chat and offline message on the helpdesk. 2. The tags to the chat will be directly updated to the corresponding ticket on the helpdesk. 3. …

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