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May 18 2017 Production release

**Enhancements:** **Widget profile based Canned responses:** You can create unique set of canned responses for each of your widget profiles. **Bug Fixes:** 1. Fixed UI glitches were the flag dropdown in the agent chat meta area was overlapping on the Save button. 2. Fixed UI glitches that were occurring on the…

How to add Canned responses during ongoing chat?

To add Canned Responses during an ongoing chat conversation in the iOS app, just tap the**"#"** button and the list of snippets will be shown. ![][1] On selecting the snippet, the expanded Canned response will be added in the text field. [1]:…

How to add canned responses during ongoing chat?

To add canned responses during an ongoing chat, tap **#** in the message field and select the required canned response from the list of canned responses. ![][1] [1]:…

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